You Won’t Believe What a Local Salon Did to a Homeless Man!

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Jose Antonio, a Palma De Mallorca native, has been living on a street for the past 25 years. During this period he has befriended thousands of people, and most of them know him by name. He is kind of a celebrity there. But for a very long time he has been suffering from depression and stuck with poverty, Jose was looking for a job. Then, all on a sudden, a local saloon owner came forward with a revolutionary idea, an idea that changed Jose’s life forever. Want to hear the rest of his heart-wrenching story? Please, bear with us.

• Jose the electrician:

People familiar with Jose know that he wasn’t always like this. He used to be a normal guy, working 9 to 5, and enjoying with his buddies. He was a renowned electrician in the town. Then depression got the better of him, and soon he lost his job and became homeless.


• Battling with depression:

Jose was struggling really bad after losing his job. His depression got much worse. His family abandoned him. He became suicidal and lost all hope of life. Then this street became his everything – his sole family member, his friend. But no one back then could imagine Jose would spend the next 25 years on this street.


• Becoming friends with locals:

Soon Jose became friends with local people. Even though they couldn’t provide him with a job or a home, they used to wave at Jose whenever they passed by. Some people would even come and talk to Jose for a few moments. The locals called him “Josete.”


• His only job:

Jose very well knew that, though people loved him, the locals would not bear his living expenses. So, he occasionally worked as an unlicensed parking attendant and earned a few bucks for himself. This was barely sufficient for him.


• Jose meets Salva Garcia:

In 2013, when Jose was 55 years old, he met Salva Garcia, owner of a local saloon. This shop quickly shot to fame after its inauguration in 2013. The owner was a quite funny looking, eccentric individual who loved to interact with local people.


• The offer:

On a fine morning, Salva came to Jose with a stunning proposal. He offered Jose a complete makeover – from his hairs to clothes. Everything would be free only on one condition – Salva would video record the whole event. What would Jose do now?


• A polite “no”:

At first, the proposal didn’t seem like a good one to Jose. So, he declined the offer. But Salva didn’t buckle down. He started asking repeatedly. Every time he saw Jose on the street, he reminded him of his offer. Then one fine morning Jose had a change of heart and decided to accept the offer.


• A decent request:

On that day, when Jose entered the saloon, he asked the owner to cover all the mirrors of the shop as he didn’t want to see the process. Plus, he told Salva his life story and how he became homeless. Everyone present there became emotional hearing his stories.


• The start:

When Jose came to the saloon, he had rather long white hairs and unkempt beards. Anyone could tell that Jose didn’t have any haircut in years. First, Jose was a bit nervous when Salva and his assistants started talking about the makeover and how they would accomplish that.


• The haircut:

Salva and his assistants started off by trimming the hairs and beards. The first cut down the longest locks and trimmed down the beards in order to get a better idea regarding the desired makeover. Then they started dyeing his hair.


• The “dying” part:

After a long conversation, Salva and his assistants decided to dye the hair in dark brown color. They thought dark brown was more suitable than blonde. Plus, before aging Jose probably had dark brown hairs, and his eyes were dark brown too.


• Beard dying:

Once they were done with the hairs, they started trimming and shaping his beard. To their utter surprise, they found out Jose has a quite attractive face. He was already looking much younger! After shaping the beard, they dyed it with another natural color.


• Cleaning up the mess:

Now it was time for a final makeover. They combed his hair and beard, and cleaned his neckline with an excellent razor, meaning Jose had the nicest shave possible. His face was cleaned with creams and other cosmetics. Salva could hardly recognize Jose now.


• His eyebrows:

Compared to others Jose had rather wild and messy eyebrows. This interfered with his new found look. So, Salva decided to trim them down and pluck them to provide a better shape. Now Jose just needs to put on his designer clothes before he can take a look in the mirror.


• New clothes:

Jose was provided with a white shirt, red pant and a pair of grey sneakers. He went to the change room and put on the clothes. When he came back from the change room, everyone was literally crying with joy. Finally, Salva gave him a sunglass to round off the makeover.


• The moment of truth:

Now it was time to look into the mirror. Jose looked into the mirror and saw someone he never met with. He was a young, classy, young man, unlike the person Jose saw in the mirror for the past 25 years. He was crying, and his tears made everyone present there emotional.


• His reactions:

For few moments Jose was speechless. He couldn’t say a single word. He kept staring at the person in the mirror in utter surprise. Eventually, he covered up his face with his hands. Anyone could tell that Jose was crying. It was tears of joy.


• People’s reaction:

Jose decided to check people’s reaction once he came out of the saloon. He went to people he knew. None of them could recognize Jose at first. But once they recognized Jose, they were in utter disbelief. They couldn’t correlate the Jose they knew with this person. That day Jose instantly became a celebrity in the town, and appeared in multiple TV shows later on.



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