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Very Rich Manchester United Tells Players Not to Give Away Jerseys to Save Money

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Manchester United’s Football in the Community Program, that has been re-launched in July 2011, has seen Manchester United giving back in the very center of Manchester. Manchester United’s Football in the Community Program permits Manchester United to make an outreach to local communities, elementary schools and grass roots football clubs spread throughout Greater Manchester and offers a safe, enjoyable planned program with one main objective- to have fun. Football in the Community has two primary functioning areas; working with and establishing ties with schools throughout Greater Manchester and collaborating with grassroots football clubs spread throughout the North West of England.

Manchester United’s Football in the Community Program is offered by a devoted team of highly qualified professional coaches and sports development professionals. Each staff member is devoted in furthering their skills through on-going training, are thoroughly checked and have undergone first aid and child safety courses. The program endeavors to build up grassroots coaches along with providing adjoining regions with facilities such as disability football and hard to access social communities. Manchester United is one of the most coveted sports teams in the world, but they are not exactly very frugal. Throughout the tenure of the school holidays, Manchester United Football in the Community offers free of cost grassroots club coaching days.

The main goal of the grassroots days is to provide the required support and work with team players, coaches and volunteers of local grassroots football organizations to form a congenial football coaching environment and work with the players singularly and as a group and develop the coaches of the football Club. The Grassroots Club program has been greatly successful having worked with numerous clubs throughout the north west. The sessions permit the authorities and the club as a whole to work in close conjunction with grassroots clubs functioning within the main area of recruiting players and working with a big group of new players to incorporate the values of Manchester United and subsequently pass it on.

According to the leading newspaper, the Sun, United’s players have been requested to stop exchanging shirts after the conclusion of the football games to help conserve money for the football club for future savings.
It may seem too good to be true at first.  A club that is worth a few billion and stands to gross £75 million annually from their kit deal with one sports brand alone, is now so broke that it is not allowing its players to give away £100 shirts.

A United source informed the Sun that football players have been instructed shirts given away for free are “not cost effective.”


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