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Top Nine Richest English Footballers

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Football is the most popular sport in the world – what Americans and a few others call soccer – and some of the best leagues and players in that world are in Britain. Arguably some of the world’s best play in the top leagues in England, and it is just natural they would be very well paid. Say what you will about athletes being overpaid, but they are the best of the best, and should at least be among the most well paid in their field. Here is a list of the top nine players in the British leagues. The athletes themselves often do not reveal what they make, but their salaries are public record, and with some well informed estimates, their fortunes an be totaled at least theoretically.

1. Wayne Rooney, whose worth is estimated at $125 million, earns a salary of $32.6 million per year and is the top paid player in England, and among the top five in the world. He is the captain of the Manchester United team, which he signed with in 2004 for $42 million. His pro career began two years earlier at the age of 16. He has competed in world cups and is often called the nation’s best player.

2. Rio Ferdinand, whose fortunate is at $75 million. He has signed with the Queens Park Rangers after playing with Manchester United from 2002 until 2014. His salary is estimated at around $6 million, but he has made a lot of money off his celebrity status as well as on the athletic field. He owns a lot of property in England and Morocco and has big sponsorship deals with Nike and Mars candy. He started a record label and has produced films.

3. Steven Gerrard, $60 million. He has played for Liverpool since 1998 and earns $230,000 per week as the team’s captain. His salary is said to be around $14 million, and he has endorsement contracts with Adidas, Jaguar and Lucozade, an energy drink.  He is the only player to have scored in a champion league final and a FA cup final.

4. Frank Lampard, $45 million. Lampard plays for Manchester City, on loan from New York City FC. From 2001 to 2014 he played for Chelsea and is the all time leading scoter. In 2008 he was the highest paid player ever. His deals with Adidas and Pepsi have also greatly increased his wealth. He is the first midfielder to score 150 goals in premier league.

5. John Terry, $39 million. Terry played for Chelsea and earns $260,000 each week from the team, and he has been with them since 1998. He has been captain of the national team, and has been the UEFA defender of the year and the PFA player of the year in his career. He has led his team to three premeir league titles four FA cups and two league cups.

6. Ashley Cole, $35 million. Cole now plays in Italy, but for 16 years, from 1998 to 2014, he played in England. He is one of the top defenders anywhere in the world. He started with Arsenal in 1998 and then played for Chelsea for several years. He has two Premier league titles and two FA cups.

7. Joe Cole, $27 million. Cole began his career in 1998 with West Ham United, and then played for Chelsea from 2003 to 2010. He has played for a few teams and recently went back to Aston Villa. He makes $8 million per year, and has a big Adidas deal.

8. Michael Carrick, $16.5 million. Carrick has played with several teams and most recently has been with Manchester United. He makes $132,000 per week with Manchester United. He has played in two World Cups and has a deal with Puma.

9. Ashley Young, $9 million. He is a Manchester United wing. He made his pro debut with Watford in 2003. In 2011 he signed with Manchester for $9.88 million He is also a talented actor and ballet dancer.


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