Top 10 Richest People in New Zealand

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The modern day nation of New Zealand has seen a great deal of economic growth in the last few years. Such growth has been fueled by multiple factors including a highly educated workforce and the nation’s easy access to much of the Australian market. Many New Zealanders have prospered as a result of this boom. A few people have climbed to the very top of the list of richest people in New Zealand.

Graeme Hart
Perhaps the richest person in New Zealand is business capitalist Graeme Hart. Hart is a native New Zealander who took various menial jobs before deciding to turn his talents to the field of business. In the last decade alone, his skill at spotting undervalued assets has helped increase his net worth into the billions.

Richard Chandler
Another hugely successful New Zealand businessman is Richard Chandler. Chandler has made his fortune with superb business instincts that have allowed him to locate companies that are not valued in the market at the present time. His estimated net worth is about four billion.

Sir Bryan Todd
The Todd family have been residents of New Zealand for over a century. During this time, they have amassed a large fortune. The present head of the Todd Corporation is Sir Bryan Todd. Sir Todd resides over a corporation that has investments in various areas including wine, health care and mining.

Lynne Erceg
Lynne Erceg is the wife of the late Michael Erceg (pictured above). Erceg founded one of New Zealand’s leading liquor companies. After his untimely death about a decade ago, his wife and brother have continued to see his empire expand.

Michael Friedlander
With an estimated net worth of well over a billion dollars, Friedlander easily makes this list. Friedlander is one of the nation’s richest men by virtue of his extensive real estate holdings. He owns dozens of prime real estate properties all over the nation including residential, commercial and business holdings.

Christopher Chandler
A partner of his equally rich brother, Richard Chandler, Christopher Chandler specializes in business investments in many markets around the world as well as in his native New Zealand. His canny knack for business deals has helped push up his net worth and make him one of the richest people in New Zealand.

Greg Goodman
Head of the enormously financially successful Goodman family, Greg Goodman presides over a family empire with his brothers and his sister that includes many industrial properties in various parts of New Zealand including a large sheep farm. Goodman has helped propel the family’s push for success into new fields such as that of the automotive industry.

Stephen Jennings
New Zealander Stephen Jennings has seen his fortune grow to nearly a billion dollars after a series of smart investments in many important fields. A highly trained fiscal professional, Jennings has invested heavily in African nations and industries of all kinds on this continent. He also has holdings in other parts of the world including Russia.

Sir Douglas Myers
Many New Zealanders are familiar with the range of products that have helped Sir Douglas Myers climb to the list of the richest people in the nation. Myers founded several businesses that would eventually become the conglomerate known as Lion. Lion is one of the nation’s leader purveyors of many products sold here including yogurt, beer, cheese, wine and many types of soy products.

Sir Michael Fay
Sir Michael Fay has a net work that is calculated in the many millions of dollars. Thanks to his understanding of the New Zealand fiscal markets, Fay was able to see his fortunes rise. He has been involved in many kinds of financial transactions in this nation. His advice in this field has been highly sought after by many in New Zealand including the government. His investments have spanned many fields including that of banking, telecom and the local rail service.


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