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Top 10 Richest People in Ireland

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The richest and most successful people in the world share a common trait, flexibility. Many of the people on this list ventured into different fields than they originally set out for. Read to find out more.

10) Simon McDowell- Net $54 Million
A retired rugby player turned referee turned businessman, Simon McDowell’s family owns Kilwaughter Chemical Company that focuses on construction and landscaping.  Today, the manages this company and continues to invest in the real estate market.

9) Patrick Collison- Net $750 Million
Patrick Collison co-founded the company, Stripe, which facilitates individual and business online payments. The company is very much like PayPal and helps people worldwide pay and receive payments securely. He made Forbes Riches Entrepreneurs Under 40 list in 2015.

8) Sir Paul McCartney- Net $800 Million
Sir Paul McCartney is one of the richest musicians in the world. He is most famous for the years he spent as one of the Beatles. However, he started writing songs when he was a teenager and continues to write lyrics and compose music long before and after his role as bassist with the Beatles.

7) Dermot Desmond- Net $1.98 Billion
One of the richest men in Ireland today, Dermot Desmond is a self-made businessman and financier whose wealth comes from Founding NCB Stockbrokerage in 1981 which became Ireland’s largest brokerage firm. He later sold it and started his own private equity firm called, International Investment and Underwriting.

6) Martin Naughton- Net $1.9 Billion
Martin Naughton founded Glen Dimplex, a company that manufacturers consumer electrical goods, in 1973. In 2003, he bought out all shareholders and became the sole owner of the world’s largest manufactures of water and electrical space heating solutions. In 2016, he retired as the president of the company.

5) Lady Ballyedmond- Net $2.1 Billion
The next person on the Top 10 People in Ireland is actually British and controls one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Northern Ireland, Nobrook Laboratories Ltd which exports veterinary medicine to more than 120 countries. Mary Haughey is the widow of the Irishman Lord Ballyedmond (Edward Haughey), who died in 2014 at the age of 70. He founded the company in 1969.

4) John Dorrance, III- Net $2.7 Billion
John Dorrance III is the heir to the Campbells Soup fortune. His grandfather was a chemist who discovered how to make condensed soup. The fortune has been passed down ever since. He renounced his U.S. citizenship after selling 10.5 percent of his shares in the company. He now lives in Ireland with his wife and two children.

3) Denis O’Brien- Net $5.8 Billion
Mr. O’Brien was named one of the World’s Top 200 Billionaires and the richest man in Ireland in 2015. He owned Topaz Energy, a petroleum oil company that sold gas for Shell and Statoil gas stations. He also owned Communicom and is recognized as one of the biggest  (some say the biggest) name in radio media communications.  He generally controls some of the most popular radio stations in Europe and Ireland, like Newstalk and Today FM.

2) John Grayken- Net $6.3 Billion 
John Grayken is a self-made Irish billionaire who was born in American, but renounced his citizenship for tax purposes. He founded Lone Star Funds, a company that manages distressed asset (that are mostly real estate) in 1995. The company is still operating as one of the largest global equity firms in the world while John Grayken remains its chairman and sole owner.

1) Pallonji Mistry- Net $16.3 Billion
Pallonji Mistry is an Irish businessman who was born in India. He renounced his Indian citizenship and became an Irish citizen. His wealth comes from investment in real estate and being a construction “tycoon”. He is the chairman of Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry Group and owns the largest number of shares in Tata Sons Group.


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