Top 10 Richest People in Germany

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Germany is unique among the world’s wealthy for the fact that they have the second highest amount of billionaires when compared with other countries in Europe. These billionaires have earned their money in a large variety of ways and in many different industries. Each of these industries and self-created businesses are among some of the most powerful businesses and industries around the world. There are even several people among the top ten that are related and have gained their wealth from the same sources but manage their wealth in a variety of different ways. Each person on this list is also among the richest around the world.

1. Karl Albrecht
Karl Albrecht is currently the richest person in Germany and is among the 25 richest people in the world. He is estimated to be worth about $26 billion. He gained his wealth from the well-known grocery store chain, Aldi’s, which he co-founded with his late brother, Theo Albrecht Sr.

2. Dieter Schwarz
Dieter Schwarz is currently estimated to be worth around $21 billion. He is the owner of Schwarz-Gruppe as well as being the CEO of Lidl and Kaufland, which is a chain of retail stores that has been exceedingly successful.

3. Theo Albrecht Jr.
Theo Albrecht Jr. inherited his wealth and his current share of the family business, Aldi’s, after his father died. His father and uncle were the co-founders of this grocery store chain. He is also involved with the chain, Trader Joe’s. He is currently worth an estimated amount of $19 billion.

4. Michael Otto
Michael Otto is the head of the largest mail order company in the world, the Otto Group. His company is also considered the second largest internet retailer. They are only behind Amazon which is currently the largest internet retailer. Michael Otto is estimated to be worth roughly $18 billion.

5. Susanne Klatten
Susanne Klatten gets her wealth from two locations. She is a major shareholder of BMW and this is where the majority of her wealth currently comes from. She is also involved with different businesses within the pharmaceuticals industry. Susanne Klatten is currently estimated as being worth about $17 billion.

6. Stefan Quandt
Due in large part to the large percentage of shares he currently holds with BMW (over 17%), Stefan Quandt is very powerful and wealthy. He is also known for being both an engineer and an industrialist. This well rounded skill set has helped to add to his wealth in a variety of ways. Stefan is worth roughly $11 billion.

7. Georg Schaeffler
Along with his mother, Georg Schaeffler is the owner of the Schaeffler Group. While he owns 80% of the company, his mother owns the remaining 20%. This wildly successful company is one of the largest producers of roller bearings in the entire world. Georg Schaeffler is currently estimated as being worth about $14 billion.

8. Johanna Quandt
Johanna Quandt is another on this list who has gained considerable wealth from her business dealings with BMW. Beyond her work with the internationally recognized car company, she is also known for a few other things. She has put a lot of work into both journalism and education. Personally, Johanna Quandt is worth an estimated $13 billion.

9. Klaus-Michael Kuehne
Klaus-Michael Kuehne acts as both the Executive Chairman and the majority owner of Kuehne & Nagel. This is a shipping company that he founded with his grandfather, Friedrich Nagel. The overwhelming success of his company has helped him to become worth an estimated $10 billion.

10. Hasso Plattner
Hasso Plattner is most well known for being the founder of SAP AG. But he is also the majority owner of the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team. Hasso is also well known for his work in the software industry, economics and science and is a known philanthropist. He is currently estimated to be worth about $8 billion.

Each of these billionaires has created quite the name for themselves and their wealth continues to grow.


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