Top 10 Richest People in Canada

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Canada may not be widely known for its large number of rich people around the world, but it is actually home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

1. David Thomson & Family – $30.74 billion

David Thomson is an influential figure in media, who has been chairman of Thomson Corporation since 2006. He has also taken on the position of chairman after acquiring Reuters. Thomson got his start managing shops and companies owned by his family, including Zellers and The Bay. He also founded a real estate firm.

2. Galen Weston – $11.38 billion

Born Willard Gordon Galen Weston, the businessman now acts as the executive chairman of a processing and distribution company for foods, Weston Foods. Weston is also a grocery retailer and head of a luxury goods retail company. He also heads shops in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherlands. Weston is also a philanthropist via a private trust.

3. Arthur and John Irving – $8.23 billion

The Irving family consists of Canadian businesspeople in New Brunswick who have shared ownership of the Irving Group of Companies. Three brothers inherited the company that he owned in 1992 after he died. Today, John Irving manages the J.D. Irving conglomerate, which specializes in forestry, building, transportation, and shipbuilding. Arthur Irving manages Irving oil and several retail stores.

4. Jim Pattison – $7.88 billion

Jim Pattson is a businessman and investor based out of Vancouver. He operates the Jim Pattison Group as CEO and chairman, and it is now one of Canada’s largest private companies in the country. He got his start with General Motors in the 1960s, helping him to build sales skills. Eventually, he opened his own dealership. Today, he owns several dealerships in addition to media stations and a hockey team.

5. Edward Rogers III & Family – $7.40 billion

Rogers is a Canadian businessman who has operated Rogers Communications and Rogers Control Trust. He also operates as chairman of the Toronto Blue Jays and director of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. He is also a philanthropist who directs the Hospital for Sick Children foundation.

6. Lino Saputo & Family – $6.24 billion

Emanuele Saputo is an Italian-Canadian businessman who founded and chaired Saputo, Inc. The cheese manufacturer made Saputo one of the richest men in Canada. The company went public in 1998, at which time he became CEO and chairman. Lino’s son, Lino Saputo, Jr., now operates as president and CEO, while Lino Sr. is chairman.

7. Paul Desmarais & Family – $5.58 billion

Paul Desmarais, Sr. operated as a Canadian financier out of Montreal. He passed away in 2013, leaving his family with one of the highest net worths in Canada. He had been chairman and CEO of Power Corporation of Canada until the mid-1990s. His sons, Paul, Jr. and Andre, then took control. Before his death, Desmarais was well-known as a philanthropist.

8. James Armstrong Richardson & Family – $5.05 billion

Before Richardson passed away in 2004, he was a businessman and Canadian Cabinet minister. He created James Richardson International and operated James Richardson & Sons.

9. Jeffrey Skoll – $5.01 billion

Jeffrey Skoll is an engineer, entrepreneur, and film producer. Though from Canada, Skoll has recently been based out of Los Angeles. He was the first president of the eBay website, leading him toward philanthropy. He created the Skoll Foundation and donated more than $1 billion in eBay stock. Skoll has received honors from The Producers Guild of America, Wired Magazine, and the International Association of Fundraising Professionals. He was also one of Time Magazine’s 100 People of the Year in 2006.

10. Carlo Fidani – $4.58 billion

As the owner of a Toronto-based real estate company since 2000, Fidani is a third-generation businessman. The Orlando Corporation operates property leasing, construction, management, and more. Fidani’s grandfather started the company in the 1940s, and it remains well-established today.


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