The 10 Richest People in the UK

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The remarkable thing about the list of the 10 richest people in the United Kingdom is that neither the Queen nor author J.K. Rowling are on it. The richest people in Great Britain are people most have never heard of.

10. Roman Abramovich – $10.434 billion
Russian-born Abramovich made his fortunate in oil and steel. He is the owner of the UK Chelsea football team, the most expensive private jet in the world, and the world’s largest yacht. He also runs an investment firm, Millhouse LLC.

9. The Duke of Westminster – $12.334 billion
Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, has become rich in real estate, owning 190 acres near Buckingham Palace and several hundred thousand or so acres elsewhere in England, Scotland, and Spain. He is the richest landlord in the UK.

8. Kirsten and Jorn Rausing – $12.539 billion
Brother and sister Jorn and Kristen inherited their money in the form of a Swiss packing business, Tetra Leval. Their net worth has since grown steadily, as their company had grown to become a giant in the food packing and distribution business. It is one of the biggest of such companies on the planet.

7. Lakshmi Mittal – $13.257 billion
Mittal made his fortune through the steel company ArcelorMittal, of which he owns 38 percent. Since 2011 he has come upon hard times and has sold one of his three mansions in London. Mittal is also famous for having thrown for his daughter the second most expensive wedding in history, with the wine tab being $1.5 million alone. The daughter has since divorced her husband.

6. Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli – $13.616 billion
Ernesto is an Italian-born Swiss businessman who married Kristy, a songwriter, former Miss UK, and one of Britain’s richest women in the year 2000. Kristy’s family owns one of the largest ceramics manufacturers in the world. The Bertarellis are well-known philanthropists, with a foundation that supports a number of charities.

5. David and Simon Reuben – $13.978 billion
The Reuben brothers made their fortunes separately, Simon by buying real estate and importing carpet, David by trading metals. They combined their businesses and a company called Transworld, which dealt in metals trading in Russia and Kazakhstan. The Reubens then sold the metals business and invested in property, pubs, and natural resources. They have locations in Hong Kong, Sydney, and Amsterdam with their data business.

4. Alisher Usmanov – $14.120 billion
Usmanov was born in the former Soviet republic oif Uzbekistan and is a British citizen. He became rich through mining and metal as well as a variety of other investments. He also owns a number of football clubs and owns most of the shares of the Russian conglomerate Metalloinvest.

3. George G. Weston and family – $15.850 billion
The Weston family started their business in food and clothing in Canada about one hundred years ago. The current George Weston runs the British branch of the business in the form of Associated British Foods. The interests of the Weston family are worldwide, centered in both the UK and Canada. The main holding company of the British branch of the Weston empire is Wittington Investments, 79.2 percent of which is owned by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

2. Sri and Gopi Hinduja – $18.731 billion
The Hinduja brothers were born in India and started out in textiles and trading in both India and Iran. Since then, Sri and Gopi have invested in a variety of businesses diversified across a number of industries, including automobile manufacturing, oil, and health care. They also hold some prime real estate next to Buckingham Palace.

1. Len Blavatnik – $19.2 billion
Blavatnik is the 2016 richest man in the UK, owning Access Industries, which in turn owns a variety of businesses that deal in chemicals, telecommunications, and music production and distribution.


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