Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Right Before Disaster

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Life is always full of surprises. Even when things seem to be going very well, sudden changes in conditions can make a great situation all of a sudden become disastrous. While these situations can happen in an instant, perfectly timed photographs have captured some.


Tipping Cargo Ship

The cargo shipping industry is always a dangerous one due to rough seas. In this photo we get to see the pure power of the ocean as it pushes an enormous cargo ship around. Amazingly, nobody was seriously hurt during this and only a few containers were lost.


Air Show Disaster

Air and water shows are huge spectacles that take place during the year. While they are amazing to watch, they are also quite risky and dangerous. This photo was able to catch a very close call as a pilot was able to exit his jet just moments before it crashed.


Gator Close Call

Alligators are very common in some areas of the country, but are terrifying none the less. In this picture we get to see a large gator sneak up on an unsuspecting woman. Fortunatley, she was able to get out of the incident unscathed.



Whales are the largest animals on the earth today. While they are generally considered to be friendly towards human, their sheer size can make them terrifying. In this picture, one swimmer was appeared to be very close to being whale food right before the whale decided to let him go.


Brutal Crash

Auto racing has always been considered a very dangerous sport. However, seeing a bad accident is always terrifying. This photo shows a skilled driver flying from his vehicle during a violent accident. Fortunately, he was able to recover from all of these injuries and get behind the wheel again.


Clown Collision

While clowns are commonplace in circuses and carnivals, they continue to be a common fear for all people, including adults. In this picture, one man pushing a crate appears to be heading right towards a collision with two surly looking clowns that are right around the corner. While its unclear if this man is in any real danger, the thought of this happening can terrify anyone.


Bike and Kayak Crash

Kids have a tendency of trying to perform skilled tricks that should be left for the professionals. In this picture, a young man is trying to perform some sort of bike trick that is well beyond his skill set. While it looks like he should be able to land gently in a pond below, it also appears that he may be crashing right into his family that is riding a kayak.


Painful Glance

Attractive women have the ability to capture the attention of men in any situation. In this picture, one man is caught gazing at a young woman that is walking by them on a crowded busy street. Unbeknownst to him, he is also walking right into a street pole that could leave him left with a terrible headache and bruised ego.


Titanic Role Play

Titanic is one of the most iconic movies of all time. The most memorable scene of the entire movie may be when the two main characters share an embrace at the front of the ship. In this picture, two young lovers are trying to reenact the scene. However, they are taken by surprise when a seagull suddenly attacks one of them.


Tough Surf

Nothing can be as refreshing and exhilarating as catching some waves on a nice summer day. For this man who is doing a great job riding a wave on a surfboard, his entire day seem to be turned upside down when he suddenly noticed a shark swimming directly below on. Fortunately, the shark soon loss attention and swam away.


Sting Ray Snorkeling

Another ocean water picture that shows how man does not belong in the sea occurs here when a woman is snorkeling. As part of a joke that was not too funny to her, a woman’s family jokingly but a stingray on her back. Hopefully, the family did not know how dangerous this is and the woman was fortunately able to avoid being stung.


Alligator vs Police Officer

Pictures of alligators in the environment are commonplace in many places in the country. However, most of these pictures do not involve them getting into altercations with humans. In this picture, we get to witness what happens when an alligator goes face-to-face with a police officer. While the alligator appears to have been winning at some point, the officer was clearly able to find a safe place to wait until backup arrived.


Enormous Whales

Going for a private whale watching tour can be a great way to see some beautiful animals in nature. However, some people new to the environment got a real sneak peek that they were not expecting when an enormous killer whale jump out of the water when they were least expecting it. Fortunately, the killer whale did not appear to be hunting and everyone was able to get away.


Elephant Affection

Another enormous animal that can be extremely curious and nature is the elephant. While elephants are not typically a threat to humans, this picture could have made make you think otherwise. In this picture, a family and a small car got to experience first-hand the size and power of an elephant when the beast laid its trunk on the roof of the car. While the family was delayed, they got away just fine.



One of the more agitated animals in nature is considered to be the camel. While it is not completely clear why camels seemed frustrated with humans, it is very common to see them aggressive towards people. In this picture, a camel seems to be ready to take a big chunk out of one man. Fortunately, the camel let him go and the man was fine. However, the man may think twice about riding a camel again in the future.


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