MMA Star Jose Aldo Demands Release From UFC Contract

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Jose Aldo’s had enough of false hope. He announced he wants to be released from his contract or he’s retiring.



From an Impressive Career
The Brazilian martial arts star fought professionally for the first time when he was 17. He knocked out his opponent within 18 seconds. Over a span of years, he moved between organizations.

Throughout his career, he continued to use his training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, capoeira, and Muay Thai. He’s fast on his feet and landed kicks with precision.

When World Extreme Cagefighting merged with the UFC in 2010, Aldo became the first UFC Featherweight Champion. Over the years, he’s built an impressive record of 26 wins and 2 losses.
His first loss took place in 2005 when he lost a fight with Luciano Azevedo. Azevedo’s rear-naked choke hold proved to be too much for the champion fighter.

Ten years passed before, Aldo’s next loss happened. In a fight against Conor McGregor, it took just 13 seconds before McGregor knocked Aldo out and took the featherweight belt during UFC 205.

To Broken Promises
Following the TKO, Aldo heard many promises about a rematch with McGregor. Original plans for the rematch were for August. Aldo needed to fight Frankie Edgar. The winner of that match would then fight McGregor or win the title outright. Dana White, the president of the UFC, even stated he wanted the rematch to happen. Aldo had no clue the fight would never happen.

Instead, McGregor gained weight and moved up to the lightweight category before any rematch happened. Aldo received an offer from the UFC to fight against two other fighters, but they reneged on a promise to take the featherweight title from McGregor.

White vowed McGregor would not be allowed to hold two belts. McGregor vowed he’ll keep them both and said, “they’re gonna need an army to come take them belts off me.”

And Talks of Retirement
Aldo feels he’s been lied to and doesn’t trust anything White says. He feels that McGregor is in charge of the UFC 205 promotion. Aldo refuses to work under McGregor’s reign.

Rather than stay in an organization where he feels he’s “been fooled so many times,” Aldo said he wants to end his ties with the UFC. The 30-year-old fighter insists he’s just ready to retire.

After his announcement, White said he planned to take to Aldo and get everything resolved. Aldo remains firm that he is ready to end his contract or retire.

With a four-year-old daughter at home, the sky’s the limit for what Aldo can do with his time. Beyond his family, he dreams of forming a career in another sport.


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