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Kanye West Might Make Kim Kardashian a Personal Diamond Mine


On old say made famous my Marilyn Monroe is that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” There’s no kidding to saying when it comes to the new rock Kanye West just gifted his celebrity wife, Kim Kardashian. The new ring centerpiece is bigger in fundamental size than the width of Kim’s finger that it will rest on, and could probably pay for the budget of a few small businesses for a year. Kanye wasted no effort on choosing this latest gift, making it as much a work of art from his specifications to the actual workmanship that went into creating it.



Many are expecting an even more shocking and amazing design given what Kanye had produced for Kim as her engagement ring. That jewelry piece from Lorraine Schwartz rang it at over 15 carats, was uniquely hand-crafted in its entire assembly, and utilized an extremely high-end, top grade diamond for its centerpiece quality. Lorraine was definitely blessed in helping craft this second ring, having apparently done a great job on the first project.

The dimensions of the new ring practically make it a monster stone on Kim’s hand which can be seen for probably up to a football field away in the right light or sun. Early estimates are placing the new stone at a value of approximately $10 million and easily reaching 20 carats in size. Just like the engagement ring, this new piece is also a top notch grade D diamond, the best money can obtain.

Some might argue with all this wealth and ability, why aren’t the two names spreading their generosity with charities or means that help others. That’s neither here or nor there. One of the reasons why celebrities make the news is because they have the ability to spend on items like Kanye’s gift, and they do. So we can opine all day long or live vicariously for a moment, wondering what in the world it must be like to have a diamond of that size and give it as a gift or wear it as jewelry, even for just a day.

No surprise, when the new ring does go out in public, it will be extremely unscheduled and by surprise as well as with a football team of security guards protecting it. The raw value of the ring alone is definitely going to people’s attention, including the wrong type as well. Heck, people try to knock off armored trucks and crews for less. So why would it be surprise to see folks chasing after Kimye for her jewelry?
And somewhere for thousands of years that stone sat underground to be dug up and crafted into the jewelry piece it is today.