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Join the Kaepernick Movement & Give Back to Communities in Need

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If you plan on purchasing a #7 San Francisco 49ers jersey to show your support of Colin Kaepernick, you may end up making more of a social contribution than expected. The NFL superstar took to social media on September 7, 2016, to announce that he will donate every dime of profit that he earns from the sale of his jerseys “back into the communities.”
He didn’t specify which communities could potentially benefit from his charitable spirit, but the promise to help those in need could motivate more people to purchase one of his jerseys, which are already leading the NFL in sales.

The Making of a #1 Jersey
While Kaepernick would have probably enjoyed the support and admiration of many 49ers fans as the new NFL season kicks off, he took his star power to an unexpected level by refusing to stand for the national anthem during the preseason. He kneeled on the field rather than stand with his hand over his heart and later told the media that he could not in good conscious stand in support of a country that allowed injustice for minority victims.

He was referring to the many police officer shootings that had taken place earlier in the year, particularly those where law enforcement officers were given light punishments or no punishment at all. In the weeks following his initial protest, his jerseys have picked up popularity, and it’s not just with fans of the 49ers. His bold stand in the name of equality has struck a chord with Americans all across the country, regardless of which team they root for on game day.

Supporters from High Places
Kaepernick’s announcement that he will donate 100% of the profit that he earns from the sale of his jerseys comes just days after he announced his plan to donate $1 million of his personal money. He has been quite vocal about his commitment to bringing change to his country, and some unlikely supporters are now standing behind him.

On September 5, President Obama gave his public support of Kaepernick’s position. He said that the NFL star had a constitutional right not to stand for the national anthem and is taking a stand for some “real legitimate issues that have to be talked about.” While there are many people who believe that his refusal to stand is a matter of disrespect that shouldn’t be rewarded, most will admit that he is opening the field for dialogue about race relations in the United States.

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe is another big name who has stepped up as a big Kaepernick supporter. She took a knee during the national anthem at one of her own games, and then her team prevented her from repeating that support at a more recent game. They simply sang the anthem while the players were still in the locker room, preventing the controversial act of protest.

With the promise to donate his jersey profits to charity, Kaepernick is asking everyone in the country to join his rebellious movement. We’ll have to watch for follow-up announcements to determine the details of his plan. Which charities will he team up with to distribute his charitable donations, and exactly who will benefit from the resulting program?


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