Heartwarming Story Follows The Unlikely Bond Between a Pit Bull and Chihuahua.

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You don’t have to delve deep to understand that dogs are among the best friends that man can have. Dogs can be kind and loving as well as exceptionally loyal, thus becoming the perfect companion to people of all ages and personalities. With that being said, did you know that dogs can bond closely with one another? Even the unlikeliest of breeds can become fast friends if given the opportunity and that is where our story begins.

Today, we are going to introduce you to a young Pit Bull and the Chihuahua that became her best friend!

Meet Our Unlikely Heroes

It was October 2014 when Merrill and Taco were handed off to the team at Rocket Dog Rescue. Rocket Dog Rescue is an animal shelter located in San Francisco, CA. The shelter received Merrill and Taco, a Pit Bull and Chihuahua respectively, directly from their prior owner.

Friends From the Start

The good-hearted workers at Rocket Dog Rescue came to the immediate realization that the two dogs were already close friends. The two pups would stay by each other’s side nearly 24/7. It was clear that the animals had a bond that superseded mere friendship.

With two doggy friends in an animal shelter, the odds of their being separated were quite high. Rocket Dog Rescue would begin sharing photos of the dogs in hope of getting them rescued as a pair.

Merrill’s Poor Health Made Apparent

While Merrill and Taco seemed to be close friends, there was something wrong bubbling beneath the surface. After a medical examination of Merrill, the veterinarian at Rocket Dog Rescue would determine that the Pit Bull had been used for breeding. As a result, the loving dog was infected with a UTI. 

The UTI had stopped Merrill from being able to breed. Was this why she had been abandoned by her former owner?

Heading to Surgery

Merrill needed medical attention immediately, so the vet scheduled a surgical procedure. Taco, Merrill’s eight-year-old best friend, was an anxious mess the entire time that his friend was gone. After the surgery was complete, the shelter couldn’t possibly keep the two dogs apart.

Friends Forever Through Thick and Thin

It can be easy for pet owners to give their companions human-like traits. How often have we ascribed human motives to something our dogs have done? Well, when Merrill came out of surgery, Taco was literally desperate to rejoin his best friend. After constantly whining and trying to get to Merrill, the vet would put them together.

Taco would join Merrill in order to provide comfort during her convalescence. 

First Concerns Begin to Emerge

As Merrill healed from her surgery, the team at Rocket Dog Rescue began to grow concerned. Two dogs that were this close would typically signify heartbreak in the future. After all, how many visitors would be ready to adopt two wildly different dogs at the same time?

Would Merrill and Taco be separated?

A Potential Forever Home Opportunity

After a few weeks, Merrill would gain the attention of a prospective owner. The man had fallen in love with Merrill and Rocket Dog Rescue was more than happy to let the two meet. Unfortunately, the man did not want to take Taco, as well.

What happened next will absolutely break your heart.

Sticking Together No Matter What

After signing the adoption paperwork, the man went to separate Merrill from his kennel with Taco. The two dogs began to cry in such a panic that his heart was broken. The potential adoptee knew that he couldn’t take both dogs home, so he opted instead to let Merrill stay at the shelter.

Would Merrill and Taco ever find a home together?

A New Idea Shows Promise

Animal shelters like Rocket Dog Rescue have to get creative to get people to adopt their dogs. After all, shelters are often the last place that adoptees may look! To make sure that Merrill and Taco were being shown to the right prospective owners, the shelter began to advertise them as a team!

Social Media Superstars

It didn’t take long for Rocket Dog Rescue to get the attention of the internet. The shelter began to upload various pictures of Merrill and Taco playing and otherwise interacting with one another. We can see how the two would make an absolutely adorable friendship.

Would this marketing technique show any real promise?

Optimism Begins to Grow

In order to succeed with anything in life, you simply cannot give up. Rocket Dog Rescue made sure to post constant updates for Merrill and Taco on their social media platforms. After all, it was clear just how much the dogs loved one another. All it would take was a potential owner to see the same thing!

A Celebration Readies Itself

While even a week in a shelter can feel like forever for a pup, Merrill and Taco wouldn’t have to stay at the shelter for very long. A nearby family from San Jose would stumble upon the Rocket Dog Rescue website. They would fall in love with Merrill and Taco as a pair.

Potential Hurdles Arise

While the family was absolutely in love with Taco and Merrill, they had their own concerns. Taco had been poorly treated by his former owner and this manifested itself by way of serious dental problems.

Still, this didn’t dissuade the loving family from bringing Taco and Merrill home.

A Terrifying Moment

After roughly a month with their new family, things had been seemingly going well. Unfortunately, Taco began to fall ill. The family didn’t want to lose their eight-year-old new pup, so they brought him to the vet.

What the family learned about Taco would make their stomachs plummet.

What Is Next For Taco

After inspecting Taco, the vet would reveal that Taco had an enlarged heart as well as fluid near his lungs. According to the vet, Taco had been on the verge of heart failure. This was a terrifying situation that nobody could have predicted.

Road to Recovery

While it is common for older dogs to struggle with health issues, Taco wasn’t ready to give up. Instead, the family stayed positive, kept Merrill and Taco together, and did their best to keep Taco comfortable. In seemingly miraculous circumstances, Taco would begin to feel better!

Loving Their New Life

After overcoming his massive heart struggles, Taco would seem to recover completely. Taco and Merrill would begin to settle into their forever home in style with health and happiness to spare! Was this one of the rare scenarios where we get a happy ending for everyone involved?

Continued Fame on Social Media

The answer is emphatic: yes! When Merrill and Taco had arrived at Rocket Dog Rescue, they had been on death’s door. Merrill was sick with a UTI and Taco was dealing with undiagnosed heart problems. They had come from a seemingly abusive home to a shelter where they might end up separated.

Yet, through it all, Taco and Merrill stuck together. 


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