20 Rare Historical Photos

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Did you know that there are many incredible photos you have never seen or imagined? Photography is here to stay, and for sure it started decades ago and had progressed as technology evolves. For sure, nobody knows everything and also where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow. There are some that are hilarious, and many are meant to show you how the world is changing every day.

Here is a glimpse of some of the most incredible photos in history

1. Bruce Lee with a beard


Bruce Lee is a common name for the lovers of action movies. He is known for his articulated moves and how he fights his opponents. He is one actor of his kind, such that while watching a movie with a partner you need to be careful not to receive a punch or a Kick. In his films, he is always well shaven, and one may wonder if he is bald.

In 1960’s a photograph of him was taken and it is not just an ordinary one. He is seen with his overgrown beard and moustache which is unlike him. You can’t help but wonder how long it took him to make it grow. The image was discovered by Greg Watkins.

2. Arrival of Coca-Cola in France, April 1950


Coke is a drink widely known for its good taste and its ability to quench thirst. Unlike today whereby you know the taste, it was not so in France until the year 1950. Coca-Cola Company embarked on a journey to market the product in France which was well received.

It is fascinating how the product was embraced with smiling faces being seen all through. The slogan adopted in marketing being “Drink Fresh” lead to cold revolution.

3. Paris Flood, 1924


Did you know that Paris experienced the greatest flood in history back in the year 1910? The flood was so severe that the level of the water rose to a height higher than 8metres.The flooding happened when River Seine rose above its banks, and this was mostly felt in the east and west side of the city.

So, the result was the construction of temporarily makeshift walkways mobilizing the Parisians. Row boat were also used to ferry the Parisians, and no death was recorded despite the flood being if its kind.

4. Armenian woman aged 106 years defend her house


You would joke with anything, but not an AK-47 and especially if it is in the hands of 106 years old woman with a notion of how tough old ladies are. That was the case in 1990 when there was Armenian genocide. The old Armenian is guarding her house despite the intensive war going on full of inhumanity. It is humorous that instead of her hiding for safety she is comfortably trusting her AK-47 rifle.

5. Dior models paint Moscow street, 1954


The city of Moscow was made colorful by the Dior models that walked in the streets. It was during a fashion show that was one of a kind.

6. The last photo of RMS Titanic before sinking, 1912


The Titanic ship killed many people when it sank, and one Irish Jesuit Priest had a chance to capture the ship three days before it sank. His journey was called off, and he ended up not in the ship.

The practical thought was that it cannot sink until it was proved otherwise after the ship hit an iceberg.

7. The monk who burned himself, 1963


In the streets of Saigon, a Buddhist monk decided to take his life by burning himself to death. The photo was captured by Malcolm Browne, and it impacted a lot of people.

The most surprising fact is that despite the burning, he never uttered any word or move his muscles an inch.

8. Charles Duke the Astronaut, 1972


Charles Duke landed on the moon in April 1972 and before he left he had taken a photo of him and family. This photo is meaningful to the family since it signifies the whole family had visited the moon.

It is not yet clear if the picture is still in good shape after all those years due to the temperature in the space. He became the tenth youngest man to visit the moon.

9. Mahatma Gandhi as a young Attorney, 1893


The man who was loved by all Indians for his peacekeeping missions was once a lawyer. This photo was taken in his youthful years as an advocate.

10. Hannah Stilley, 1840


The photo is for the first individual to be captured on a film, Hannah Stilley. She was born in 1746, and when you look at the photo, you wish that she could have smiled a bit.  How great the film industry has grown is evident in the photo.

11. First Bikers Club, 1960


The photos were taken by Jim Miteff when he was a member of Outlaws Motorcycle Club. The shape, size, and design of the different bikes are worth a history compared to today’s Bikes.

12. John Lennon glasses on his assassination


The blood stained glasses which has dried is just an indication of what he went through. The image is so scary and can’t help but wonder what kind of ordeal he went through.

13. The first championship match in Wimbledon, 1877


The publication of the image was done in 1923, and it was the first tennis tournament match. The net used was 5ft long. The tournament is said to have been delayed by three days due to rain. The overall profit was 10 pounds.

14. Queen Elizabeth II fires a rifle


As seen in the photo, Queen Elizabeth is firing rifle, and the guy watching is all smiled making it hilarious. That is the best photo showing the other side of the Queen.

15. Racing car on a roof in Turin, 1923


In Ligotto district of Turin, the automobile race took place, whereby the assembly began from the bottom ground and ended up on the rooftop.  To date, you can still visit the test track at the roof top.

16. The Elephant that was first to water surf, 1956


The name of the Elephant which was first to surf in water is Quennie and how it was made to so is still a mystery. This is such a funny photo and hilarious too. The elephant seems to enjoy the water.

17. Transportation of 5 Mb hard drives by Panama plane, 1956


Come to think of the way currently you carry any 5Mb data or more and nobody notices. In 1956 this was an exemption case, the reason being it was a mega drive as shown in the photo.  The transportation required the use of a forklift to lift it to the plane.

18. When computer never had screens


The first computer was invented in 1943 and construction was cleared until 1946.It weighed more than 50tonnes and had no screen. The machine occupied almost like a whole room since it was too big.

19. New York Hats for fashion, 1934


In the photo, hundreds of people are seen in the street of New York and not even one has no hat. This seems to be the best fashion show ever seen. It is recorded that the history of hats is from caves in France.

20. Liberty statue under construction in Paris, 1884


The statue was a sculpture by Frederic Auguste which was funded jointly by the American and France. It was transferred to France to New York.


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