20 Fascinating Photos That History Forgot!

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The first photograph was captured nearly 200 years ago. The internet was invented in the 1980s. To say that a lot of amazing things have been captured on film over the years would be putting it lightly. History is as fascinating as it is hard to keep up with.  In order to help you get your history fix this week, we are going to highlight 20 fascinating photos that history forgot!

Keep on reading because we are SURE that some of these photographs will surprise you!

Marilyn Monroe Before the Fame

Let’s start our journey by traveling back in time to Hollywood before Marilyn Monro was, well, Marilyn Monroe. This incredible picture shows Marily Monroe as her family and friends knew her. Born Norma Jean Baker, the future Marily Monroe would spend a large portion of her life working in a munitions factory to make ends meet.

Testing Roller-Coasters in 1958

There is nothing more thrilling and fascinating than a great roller coaster. If you are a thrillseeker, how would you feel about being the product tester for these old wooden roller coasters? Back in 1958, companies would hire out prisoners to help them test their equipment. No matter where you stand on the death penalty, using death-row prisoners for involuntary safety testing leaves us a bit sickly.

The Governator Flexing Before Hollywood

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most inspirational human beings in American history. An immigrant who built himself into a political and pop-culture powerhouse, Arnold Schwarzenegger tends to get this sort of reaction wherever he goes.  We’re not entirely sure why he’s flexing on these grandmas, though.

While Arnold may be an inspiration, this next photo depicts a true hero!

One Large Step For Monkey-kind

Traveling to outer space is one of the greatest accomplishments in human history… and Chimpanzee history, as well. Ham the Chimp was the first-ever humanoid to survive a trip into space. Without Mr. Ham on our side, we wouldn’t have had near the success that we have enjoyed in space to this day.

Charlie Chaplin Meets Hellen Keller

Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller are two equally famous figures from days gone by. However, did you know that they were actually fast friends? Chaplin would work with Keller to learn how to improve his own acting skills, taking cues from the legendary figure in order to improve his pantomime abilities.

Meet the Inspiration for Shrek

Shrek is one of the greatest animated films of all time and we won’t hear any word to the contrary. The inspiration for Shrek’s body came from a real-life source, a Russian wrestler by the name of Maurice Tillet. Tillet was nicknamed the French ANgel and was considered a sweet man despite his physical deformities.

14-Year-Old David Bowie

Long before David Bowie was reeling off smash radio singles or portraying Tesla opposite Christian Bale, he was just another kid trying to make it through school. This image shows David Bowie at 14 years of age, shortly after being told he was ‘just adequate’ by his choir teacher.

Lunch During Woodstock, 1969

Woodstock, 1969. This legendary festival would change the world of music forever. Whether you were there in person or only looking back alongside us, you get to enjoy the looks of this makeshift kitchen. As it turns out, the people of Woodstock made sure that everyone stayed fed. 

Forgotten Airline Outfits of the Past

To say that airline attendant uniforms have changed over the years would be putting it mildly. This image showcases Brigitta Lindman, a flight attendant from Sweden inspecting the outfit of a potential worker. As you nod doubt know by now, these airline outfits weren’t quite cleared for takeoff.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents…

For as scary as Alfred Hitchcock liked to make his movies, the legendary film auteur was notably light when not on set. Alfred Hitchcock had a dry sense of humor that he liked to showcase during his work on Alfred Hitchcock Presents…

Operation Homecoming: Moments of Joy

There are more forgotten moments in military history than we can ever know about. Thankfully, we have time to remind you about Operation Homecoming, an exchange of captured American soldiers for Viet Cong soldiers during the ’70s. This image shows Lt. Colonel Robert Stirm returning home to his family after six years in captivity.

The Illustrious Lord Walter Rothschild

Lord Walter Rothschild may have had quite the large bank account, as it turns out. The enigmatic figure behind one of the most fascinating family lines in history, Lord Walter Rothschild liked to get around in his zebra laden carriage to prove how wild animals could be tamed.

McDonald’s From the Past

Can you imagine getting a 1/4 pounder for just sixty cents? Can you imagine purchasing your entire meal for $1.50? This stunning image comes from a McDonald’s in 1960. Still considered somewhat of a luxurious dining option, McDonald’s had an entirely different feel to their operations at the time.

Enigmatic Olive Ann Oatman

This image shows Olive Ann Oatman, a frontier girl who had been kidnapped by a Native American tribe alongside her sister. The rest of Olive’s family was killed and Olive would be raised by a Mohave Chief, thus leading to her iconic tattoo. Olive would eventually be freed in exchange for horses and blankets after spending years in captivity.

Another View of the RMS Titanic

There is no limit to how many times the RMS Titanic can take our breath away. We have always known that the Titanic was big but this is taking that thought to another level. Look at the sheer size of the rotors! Look at the hull! All of this might and an iceberg was still able to tragically take the ship down.

Robert Plant in the Wild

Robert Plant and his band are a pretty big deal to the music world, at least that’s what all our Led Zeppelin loving buddies are telling us. Rarely seen on film outside of the musical world, this image shows Robert Plant traversing a peaceful countryside along with his family.

Nuclear Bomb Testing Photography

How far would you go in order to capture the perfect image? This photographer was willing to brave the shock-wave aftermath of a nuclear explosion during military bomb tests. The shock-wave took less than 16 milliseconds to reach the camera.

Decommissioned British Passenger Craft

Following the end of World War I, the British government would purchase several decommissioned warplanes before converting them for passenger flights. This horrific-looking experience could be had for just a ticket, provided you flew through Imperial Airways.

Fighting For Their Rights

This incredible image shows a group of women’s rights activists boxing on a roof in the 1930s. At the time, sports were not an equal opportunity pastime. Women were not allowed to compete in international soccer events, nor were they able to compete on the world stage in track or boxing. This image shows a private boxing group where women could let their hands fly.

Moment’s Before Franz Ferdinand’s Assassination

We never truly know what is going to happen in life. This image shows Franz and Sophie Ferdinand on the streets of Sarajevo. History buffs will know that the Archduke and Dutchess of Austria would be assassinated within minutes of this photograph, thus lighting the flame that would ignore World War I.


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