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11 NFL Player Bank Accounts That are Unreal

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Football is a fun sport. It’s also a dangerous sport. Those who play the game love it and want to continue playing it as long as possible. For some football players, those with contracts over many years, football can also be an incredibly lucrative sport. Many players have amassed a huge bank net worth that is truly mind-boggling. Here are some players with accounts that easily exceed the gross national product of more than a few nations.

Jack Matthews
Atlanta Falcon player Jack Matthews was a a first round draft pick in 2014. Since then, his stellar performance on the fields has only impressed fans even more. He has an estimated net worth of about eight million. The young man from Missouri City, Texas is also much admired by the ladies as he continues to remain single.

Jordan Cameron
Cameron started playing for the Cleveland Browns after graduating from college. Since then, he’s moved on the Miami Dolphins. His two year deal helped propel his net worth to over seven million dollars.

C. J. Spiller
Spiller, currently with the New Orleans Saints, is worth about eleven million. He was named the Most Valuable Player when he was playing for the Buffalo Bills. He frequently returns home to Lake Butler, Florida where he grew up.

Justin Blackmon
The Oceanside, California player is someone who is noted for his many skills on the field. As the present wide receiver for the Justin Jaguars, he comes to the sport with many years of experience including an athletic scholarship to Oklahoma State. His estimated net worth is about eleven million dollars.

David Diehl
Before his retirement, Diehl was one of the most successful players in the National Football League. Playing many positions for the New York Giants, he was a huge asset to the team for over a decade. During this time, he was an essential part of the team. His estimated net worth after retiring in 2014, is about thirteen million dollars, allowing him to relax and enjoy life.

Louis Vasquez
Vasquez, a Texas native, was chosen by the San Diego Chargers to play for them during the 2009 NFL Draft. Four years later, he left the chargers to play for the Denver Broncos. His personal net worth is roughly fourteen million dollars.

Devin McCourty
McCourty is one a team of twins who have been part of the National Football League. While his twin brother plays for the Tennessee Titans, he has chosen to stick to working for the New England Patriots. His record of wins here has helped him earn many bonuses and legions of grateful fans. The Nyack, New York native has a degree in sociology from Rutgers and an estimated net worth of about nineteen million.

Andrew Dalton
Dalton plays for Cincinnati Bengals. He’s been in the pro leagues since 2011. He has been a two-time Pro Bowl participant. His numerous other football honors include the 2011 Rose Bowl Offensive Most Valuable Player award. Dalton is married to Jordan Jones. Together they have a son named Noah and houses in many places in the world. His net worth is estimated at twenty-two million.

Earl Thomas
Thomas grew up in Orange, Texas. While here, played football for various high school teams. His skills were quickly noted by recruiters, earning him multiple All-Freshman honors while attending college. His pro career soared after he was picked to play for the Seattle Seahawks in 2010. Thomas is married to Nina Heisser. His five year contract brings him an estimated net worth of twenty-four million.

Nick Mangold
Mangold grew up in Centerville, Ohio. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Richmond after signing up to play pro ball. His career took off after he was selected as draft pick in 2011 by the New York Jets. His work with the Jet has helped him earn many fans and an even greater fortune. This fan favorite has an estimated net worth of over twenty-six million dollars.

Joe Thomas
Presently playing offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns, Thomas has been a professional football player for over a decade. Thomas is a winner of the Outland Trophy and recognized widely as one of the best football players of his generation. His quick work on the field and his skill with the ball have helped bring him fans and fame. Thanks to a six year contract with the Browns he has an estimated net worth of roughly forty-eight million.


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