10 Highest Car Insurance Claims

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When people buy car insurance, they do so because it’s a way of managing risk. The plan, ideally, will pay a recovery if something goes wrong and a vehicle is damaged and/or people are hurt. However, even insurance companies can get walloped with huge financial claims for recovery when fate lines up and creates the perfect storm. Here are 10 of the most expensive car-related claims to hit insurance companies for a variety of reasons. Remember, a claim doesn’t always mean a payout.

10. Own a Ferrari, Get a Good Parts Policy
One Italian owner wrecked his Ferrari, and it clearly wasn’t a simple run down to the local Napa or O’Reilly’s Auto Part Store. His Ferarri Enzo rang up a repair bill of 170,000 British Pounds. He clearly didn’t go to an in-network mechanic provider.


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